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Quality Look with Labor-Saving Innovations

Casing-Net™ offers hundreds of options to create the exact look and flavor you want for your cooked or smoked meat and poultry products. And Casing-Net includes production and labor-saving innovations you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Fast removal from finished product using Casing-Net’s closely-knit polyester material with release agent properties.
  • Wide range of patterns, including our patented square and ripple patterns.
  • Stuffable at higher pressure to eliminate voids and improve shape consistency.
  • Ensure higher-grade finished product with fewer meat tears, surface blisters and shape inconsistency associated with collagen food film.
  • Reduce cooking cycles, improve yields and produce consistent taste with custom flavor and smoke-impregnated options.
  • Improve color consistency and eliminate time-consuming hand application of coloring with caramel/smoke-treated Casing-Net.
  • Optimizes production: pre-clipped to length, shirred for automatic sizers/clippers and rolled for fast loading.
  • Works with existing stuffing equipment. Extra strength eliminates almost all waste and rework while reducing labor by as much as 75 percent.
  • Lower cost alternative to collagen film.
  • Contains no rubber (except for Elastic Style), which eliminates the risk of nitrosamines.

Customized Patterns
Please consult our technical sales team to discuss variations of current patterns or new innovative looks to differentiate your finished product in the marketplace. 


Square Pattern

Diamond Pattern

Smooth Pattern

Rib Pattern

Ripple Pattern

Spiral Pattern

Fixed Circumference

Elastic Style